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Whose Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?

It was Barbara Streisand who asked this question in a song many years ago.

With childhood years behind most of us, the stress, heartache and fears

of the real “adult world” serve us with daily reminders we are not children anymore, nor are we living in a fairy tale.

Christians are not immune to the everyday grind of life.

Whether it’s the stress of raising children, the bills many struggle to pay, miscommunication with a spouse, or a battle with your health, honest followers of Jesus understand life is not always a bed roses.

So what advantage do Christians have over those who don’t yet follow Jesus?

Why do Christians often stay so steady when others around them come apart?

One reason is our strong belief and confidence in Jesus promise in Matthew 28:20; “…and lo, I am will you always, even to the end of the age.”


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