You Can Change Lives

We participate in various forms of outreach like church planting, helping those trapped in sex trafficking in Nicaragua, and evangelistic events. You can be part of people experiencing the love of Jesus!



Through a partnership with the local church, leadership meetings, hosting and speaking at seminars / events, social media, podcast (coming soon!), and television, we are able to reach thousands of people with the Gospel.

Church Planting

We have planted 64 churches in numerous countries, including Africa and Central America. Church plants are facilitated in conjunction with crusades. We seek out a young man who feels a calling to pastor in a strategic area and equip him with the finances to fund the plant and training to make it a success.


We are in monthly partnership with key leaders on the ground in Nicaragua to provide daily food for needy children and their families. We combat sex trafficking in Nicaragua by creating a safe place for children and families where they receive Bibles and hear the Gospel regularly.


We take the church planting as an opportunity to lead a crusade in the area where the church is being planted. The Gospel is presented to all who will join us, and a powerful altar call, time to pray for the sick, and people accepting Jesus as their Savior.


Dr. Mike Smalley is a dynamic and sought after speaker. His business seminars and events have challenged more than 4,000 audiences in 33 nations to reach for and apply the Wisdom of God.