There’s Nothing More Life-Changing Than A Daily Walk With Jesus.

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Partner Benefits

As a partner with Mike Smalley Ministries, you’ll enjoy

Free Resources

I will POUR into you with teaching materials, encouraging resources, and practical gifts to help you in your walk with Jesus.

Daily Prayer

I will PRAY for you with daily prayer for you and I am honored for the privilege of being an intercessor in your life.

Personal Contact

I will PERSONALLY talk with you with personal calls to each of my partners to pray and encourage you.

You Can Make a

When God calls a man He calls a family to stand with him. Together we can plant churches, help those in need, and spread the Gospel around the world. We are believing for 1000 partners to plant a seed of $66 each month to help us plant churches and spread the Gospel around the world.

Last year my business gave $1000 to your ministry, and since that time my company‘s revenue has doubled. I believe God would have me double my giving to your ministry.

Trace (Bowie, TX)

Three years ago we put our home up for sale. During that time we really only had one legitimate offer over the three-year span… We heard you speak about planting.

Carolyn (Greenville, TX)

Dr. Mike… My Wife and I live week to week and are making it by the grace of God since we had our child. I recently had five dollars in.

Josh (Dallas, TX)

Brother Mike I planted a seed last week on $200 and wanted to let you know that after your phone message in prayer for the 100 full return I received.

Cary (Seattle, Washington)