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Hollywood And The Noah Movie

After listening to and reading much of the media reports about the new Noah movie, I decided to share my thoughts and concerns with you.

Literally hundreds of blogs, tweets, and Facebook posts have been written about this newly released Russell Crowe movie.

My purpose in writing this blog is not to condemn Christians who have seen the movie, but to ask us as believers some very important questions.

Many well meaning Christians have seen the movie, without knowing any of the details of the film and many were aware and went anyway.

The reviews that came out before opening day revealed some very disturbing facts. The director is an open atheist, who promised it would be the “least biblical Noah movie ever made”.

In this Hollywood version of Noah:

Noah considers killing his unborn grandchild.

Fallen angels help him build the ark.

He hears from a God who seems more angry over the environmental sins against the earth, instead of their personal sins against Him and their violence toward each other.

There is also a stowaway that sneaks onto the ark and plots with one of Noah’s son to try and overpower and kill him.

And I could go on and on.

Several Christian leaders boldly said Christians must go see this film to “reward” Hollywood producers for at least “making the effort” to give us a Bible based movie.

That logic makes me want to scream!

We are the Church of the Living God!

We are the Blood Washed Bride of Christ!

Have we become so bored with Jesus and His assignment for our lives we have to beg Hollywood to entertain us? Do we jump every time Hollywood snaps their fingers?

“Please save us from our boring average lives…please just throw us a little entertainment bone…please Hollywood…please!’

Is that what we are trying to showcase to a watching world?

It seems like we get so excited if the lost even remotely look our way. Are we so desperate for attention we can’t wait to fund the projects of the ungodly while ignoring every red flag in the process?

Why do we get excited about supporting something that totally changes Gods Word?

Is this not a slap in Jesus face?

Why do we make it easier for the very lost people we are commissioned by Jesus to reach to believe error about God and the Bible?

Only Western Christians would gladly give their money to see a movie that maligns the character of their God, makes drastic changes to His Word, mocks one of His prophets and further proves to Hollywood they can keep doing it while we gladly step up to the plate and make them bigger millionaires than they already are!

Muslims would never do that!

Homosexual lobbyists would never fund something that did not believe in!

But Hollywood knows Christians will, so they laugh all the way to the bank, knowing if they change our scriptures but do it with “state of the art” special effects, we will come out to reward them in droves with smiling faces and open wallets.

The Bigger Issue…!

Whatever happened to being captivated with Christ?

Whatever happened to being consumed with our life assignment?

Whatever happened to reaching the Lost instead of being entertained by them?

Why do we have free time to even see movies like this?

Leonard Ravenhill once said in my presence, “Entertainment is the devils substitute for the joy of the Lord”.

Certainly all entertainment is not sin. But the more of Christ we have, the less entertainment we need.

Perhaps the bigger lesson here is not the need to lecture Hollywood on becoming more Bible based and Christ centered…but the revelation the Church of Jesus Christ is not?

What do you think?


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