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Are We Killing More Than A Turkey?

Everyone Loves The Smell of Baking!

The Thanksgiving Holiday is a time of family, good food, rest and probably some afternoon football! Americans travel state and national lines to “be together” on this very special day. Family traditions going back decades are remembered, observed and enjoyed. Thanksgiving is the divine cleanser of your mind, heart and emotions. Thanksgiving is an instant infuser of hope and joy into your spirit man.

Our forefathers recognized the Scriptural Rewards that come from a thankful heart and so as a nation many years ago we began the Scriptural Observance of a National Day to give thanks for our abundant blessings.

The Death Of Traditional Thanksgiving?

Sadly, the Thanksgiving Holiday is changing. I saw this coming 3 years

ago when companies started “Market Testing” being open just “a few hours”

on Thanksgiving Day. This had not been done in over 200 years.

While I believe in the free market and businesses have a right to be open whenever they want and people can shop whenever they choose, I do not believe these changes are healthy for us as American Families or American Business.

The Power In Family Togetherness

The message the American Thanksgiving Holiday sent to the world and each other was this…we thought something was so vital, so important and yes even so reverent, that TOGETHER we stopped all business to collectively observe a day of Thanksgiving… AS A NATION!

When we allow commerce, convenience and for some greed, to move us away from this I feel as a nation we are sending a wrong message to our children and grandchildren who will then take what we do in moderation and take it to excess.

Does It Really Matter?

We of course can read the Bible alone, we can pray alone, we can even sing and worship alone…but we choose to come TOGETHER to do these things in a corporate church service, because the habit of laying everything else aside and joining together is powerful and something we cannot duplicate alone.

The rewards and benefits of giving all our focus to our families and saying no to a day of business seems a noble tradition to protect. Thanksgiving will never again be the revered American Holiday it once was. Who knows, maybe Christmas Day is next?

As a nation, I think we will be the weaker for it.

What do you think?


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