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7 Keys to Overcoming Discouragement

Are You Ready To Stop Worrying And Start Living?

Ever have “one of those days”?

Those kind of days that seem like they go from bad to worse? The days that drag by the second and seem to never want to leave? We all have. Christians are not immune from the pain and disappointments of life.

But what do you do when one bad day turns into several in a row, and then the days turn into weeks or even months and you live worried this “dark cloud” will never pass?

7 Keys to Overcoming Discouragement

1. Recognize Discouragement Is A Season Meant To Be Exited From.

Circumstances, people’s moods and your emotions will change continually. Just as moments of intense joy eventually lessen, so will moments of discouragement.

2. Remember To Meditate On Phil 4:8

“. . . whatever things are true. . . noble. . . just. . . pure. . . lovely. . . of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy, meditate on these things.”

3. Reevaluate Past Decisions To See If A Law Of God Is Presently Being Violated.

Rejection (intentionally or accidentally) of God’s laws bring about a harvest of discouragement. In seasons of discouragement, review your last 5 major decisions.

4. Realign Your Life In All Areas To The Known Will Of God.

Confusion leads to paralysis. In seasons of discouragement, keep doing what God told you last until new revelation for your future is revealed.

5. Refuse To Dwell On Past Failures.

“. . .But this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind. . . !” (Phil 3:13a)

6. Reposition Yourself.

Rebellion is a Seed which often produces the harvest of discouragement. Are you completely submitted in action and attitude to the authorities God has placed over your life?

7. Reestablish The First 5 Minutes Of Your Day Alone With The Holy Spirit.

Hearing Him first changes the impact of what you hear second.

I believe God is ready to take you to a new level!

I believe God is ready to show off His power in your circumstance.

I believe your mountain has to move if you tell it too!

I am praying today “the joy of the Lord will be your strength.” (Neh 8:10b)

Victory is not 1,000 miles away…Jesus is closer than your next breath!

What are you believing God to do in your life next? Leave me a comment.

Much Love,

Dr Mike


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