I Don’t Believe It Was An Accident God Allowed Us To Connect!

I’ve always believed when God calls a man He always calls a family to stand together with him. Together we will accomplish great things for God we would never see come to pass working alone.

I believe in the power of covenant partnerships!

I’ve asked the Holy Spirit to raise up 1000 partners who will plant a seed of $66 each month ( 66 represents the covenants and promises in the 66 books of the Bible) to help me plant churches and spread the gospel around the world.

Will you be one of the world reach 1000?

When you sow there are at least 4 harvests you should continually expect:

1. Supernatural Favor (Luke 6:38)

2. Supernatural Increase (Mk 10:28-30)

3. Supernatural Healing ( Psalms 41:1-3)

4. Supernatural Guidance (Isa. 58:11)

In short, I want a relationship with you….I take our partnership as a Holy Covenant and Divine Responsibility!

Partnership means I will POUR into you! From teaching materials, encouraging resources, and practical gifts to help you in your walk with Jesus.

Partnership means I will PRAY for you. Not a day will pass I will not bring you in prayer before The Lord. I’m asking you for the privilege of being an intercessor in your life.

Partnership means I will PERSONALLY talk with you. I call all of my partners personally to pray and encourage then. Hearing how your doing is very important to me.

Will you partner with me? Sow A Seed Today

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